nicole facciuto's garb // alberto fermani

Nicole Facciuto, an L.A. interior designer, has a fantastically shot Instagram account, Daily Garb. Most recently she posted her casual style in Alberto Fermani flats in grey suede. Her “study in simple basics” is a perfect compliment to our Oxford-style shoes. Check out her shots and shop your own casual chic. Don’t forget to tag us #YourAFstyle!

See more of her Alberto Fermani look:


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We found photographer Brittany Wright‘s intricate culinary gradients not just beautiful to look at, but also gorgeously telling of the colors that nature comes in. Soak up the bright inspiration this season, whether it’s on your plate or in your closet.

The Seattle-based photographer is fascinated by capturing the aging process of vegetable and fruits, displaying the variety of forms each piece takes during ripening and decay. Wright even includes fruit harvested from her own backyard, photographing raspberries both plump and shriveled. (via This Is Colossal)



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How To Care for Leather Shoes

Leather shoes and boots are one of the best investments you can make. Keeping them in pristine shape is paramount to having them last you a lifetime. Alberto Fermani only uses the finest materials, including leather, but to have them look like new for years, here’s our guide to care and maintenance of your beautiful leather shoes.


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The photographs of Luis Marden is the perfect counterpoint to our new S/S 2015 Lookbook, which was shot entirely in the French Polynesia. The famous National Geographic photographer and writer was one of the most notable adventurers to set foot on the beaches and record island life in the 40s and 50s. Scroll through and enjoy the amazing shots of this idyllic travel destination and vibrant culture.


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